Blueway 10k Challenge

CCKA members take part in the Blueway 10K Event at Camus on the Lower Bann. A fresh approach to paddling for fitness similar to the 5k to couch but on the water.

Blueway logoBlueway 10K aims to take all the hassle out of paddling activity, allowing people quick and easy access to the water. This no nonsense workout will allow people to turn up in regular workout clothes, put on a buoyancy aid, grab a boat and paddle, and go for short intensive work out.
The programme was based on a 12 week training programme, running from the 28th May 2016 to the 20th August 2016, with three hours of activity a week. The programme was designed for three one hour workouts but could also be combined and adapted into two 1.5 hour work outs or even one 3 hour workout to suit participant’s schedules. Three times Olympian Eoin Rheinisch and World Championship Marathon Paddler and PhD in Sports Science, Neil Flemming, Canoeing Ireland had input into the comprehensive 12 week, 36 session training programme. This programme would guide participants, instructors and coaches through progressions in technical skills, physical fitness, mental preparation, tactics and nutrition.





On the 20th of August 2016 a series of Blueway 10K events were held around Ireland. CCKA member John Wilkinson headed up our local event and coordinated all the training. CCKA had 14 participants involved in the programme but had other club members turned out for the big event on 20th August.

On completion of the 10 km paddle the participants were awarded certificates and medals. Ian Eccles provided a fantastic BBQ for all in glorious sunshine. Special awards for the event went to Nicola Doherty for the improvers award, Molly Liken for the Duracell award, Susanna Kalina-McMahon for the Commitment award, Adam Eccles for the Mr Positive Award and Paul Doherty for Tireless assistant award.