Club Equipment

Club Equipment Hire and Usage Policy

The club has a range of kayaks and canoes including paddles and buoyancy aids etc that can be borrowed. This loan of club equipment has three purposes:

  • To provide a pool of boats to allow new paddlers to participate in events. It also provides new members to experiment with different types of boats and equipment before buying.
  • To allow established members to extend their involvement in paddlesport, through trialling
  • different boats and equipment without unnecessary expenditure.
  • To allow the club to provide equipment for come and try sessions and other activities where that group is not able to provide their own equipment.

Equipment can be borrowed by new club members for one off activities. Equipment borrowed on this basis should be:

  • Only taken on the approval of the coach in charge
  • Returned clean and in good order
  • Returned at the end of the relevant session.

Equipment can be borrowed by established club members for use as part of a training programme/ skill development session at no cost. Equipment borrowed on this basis should be:

  • Agreed with the coach in charge of the programme
  • Signed out in the club borrowing book
  • A contact number must be supplied
  • Returned clean and in good order
  • Returned at the end of the relevant series of sessions.

Collection of equipment borrowing fees:

  • Single session new member – £6 per use
  • Single session established member (over one year) – £6 per use
  • Extended use established member – no charge for non club paddling, £6 per club session

Collected monies are to be handed to the treasurer or chair at the earliest opportunity. PayPal payment is the preferred method of payment.

Equipment borrowing book

It is the responsibility of the coach in charge to ensure that the equipment borrowing book is filled in when equipment is borrowed. Equipment should be visually checked before each issue by a club coach and then thoroughly checked again by each paddler before use. Any damage etc should be highlighted to the coach in charge and withdrawn from service until it is either repaired or replaced.

New Members/Beginners

A £6 contribution to the club should be made on each subsequent occasion that equipment is borrowed. This should be given to the session coach at the time the equipment is borrowed.

Established Members

There is no fixed charge for borrowing equipment to use in an organised training programme. It is expected that a contribution is made of £6 per formal session. This should be given, at an agreed point, to the coach organising the loan of the equipment.

Care of Club Equipment

In all instances club equipment should be used and cared for as if it where the users own property. This includes attention to maximising the life of the equipment, maintaining its performance and its visual appearance. The proper use of equipment and any safety checks will be explained, highlighting proper use, defects to report and after use care. Members will be advised to speak to the coach in charge about any problems with equipment or its use e.g. suitable fit, etc.

Equipment – Role of the coach in charge

Coaches approving and signing out equipment should inspect equipment as it goes out and also when it is returned. Excessive wear / damage should be noted and the equipment put aside for repair or to be replaced. The results of these inspections should be forwarded to the club Equipment Officer.

Monetary contributions received from borrowing of equipment should be collected by the coach responsible and forwarded to the Club Treasurer. Equipment contributions will be used to maintain current and purchase new equipment.

Failure to return equipment

The failure to return club equipment in the short term is inconvenient to other club members. The non availability of the equipment prevents other club members using it. In the medium term this can hamper their chance to take part in club activities, training or assessments. In the long term it can result in the equipment becoming permanently lost to the club and in effect, stolen.